Dating a male rape victim

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Dating a male rape victim

This man was David Betts, 27, slightly the worse for drink, explaining that he couldn't return home drunk to his pregnant girlfriend. Betts then told the man (falsely) that he was HIV-positive.Betts then produced a knife and ordered his victim into his bedroom. He also said he would stab him to death to prevent him telling anyone what had happened.Since writing about this publicly, many people, mainly men, have argued with me that rape is an act that men cannot help executing because of their "natural" sexual drives and desires.This misconception is also the reason why victim-blaming excuses often fly without much questioning from others.'If you don't do as I say I'll cut you to shreds.'And so it began, another terrifying ordeal, another man held down and raped at knifepoint.A 29-year-old man opened the door of his flat in Doncaster to a man he knew.

“I made these for us to celebrate,” he said, sauntering out of the kitchen with two shot glasses full of a red concoction. Every addition to the tally meant I was one moment closer to the end.

Police say they are armed and dangerous and have warrants for their arrests.

They are accused of raping the woman while another man, Rodney Cooper, 32, stood guard outside a room in a house where the woman was attacked.

She escaped and ran across backyards in the neighborhood, worried that they would come after her.

Police eventually found her after being called by her boyfriend who she'd managed to reach on a cell phone.

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He told authorities she was 'bleeding and limping'.