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Dating pregnancy ultrasound accuracy

I had sex with another partner unprotected for the month of Feb - currently.

He used a condom, I believe I was on birth control (but cant remember for sure), and took Plan B 55 hours later.

The normal uterine lumen is usually not distinguishable.

In the dog, pregnancy does not necessarily begin on the day of mating.

In normal state, each body tissue type, such as liver, spleen or kidney, has a unique echogenicity.

Fortunately, gestational sac, yolk sac and embryo are surrounded by hyperechoic (brighter) body tissues.

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Could the birth control not have worked in Jan, the embryo lived through the withdrawal bleeding, and the fetus has continued to measure small throughout the pregnancy? According to this period date, the most likely date of conception would be around 14 days after the period, that is around the 19th of February.

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