Dating someone with a colostomy

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He told me that it would not change anything majorly, but it would be an adjustment, especially after getting the rectum removed. There are so many concerns when living with a bowel disease.

The rectum is right up against the vaginal canal and provides support, so no longer having it made things feel different. I was worn out easily, so I wasn’t always up for it. And it led to me tensing up a lot and trying to make sure that I was holding everything in, which didn’t always lead to a pleasant experience.

I emptied my entire heart, all my fears, disappointments, and pain. It was a pure, non-judgmental, patient, and empathetic space where I got to express and feel understood and validated. Instead, I got thought provoking questions, like “What does your soul really want? Feeling understood is the most basic of human needs.

Miserable people will point out the bad in any situation simply for the sake of glooming down the party — not that they would be at a party… Misery loves company, but a company of miserable bastards doesn't necessarily like one another very much.

Miserable individuals seem to make “friends” with other miserable individuals. They indulge in other indulgences like reading, watching movies, watching TV for hours on end… The problem is, they are trying to get away from something they can't get away from. You exist and function within reality whether you like it or not.

I'm not sure whether they find themselves friends who already happen to be miserable or if they turn their joyful friends into miserable shrews, but those who hang out with miserable people tend to be pretty miserable themselves. And because they believe their lives suck, they do their best to distract themselves from it as often and for as long as possible. Trying to get away from it will only make you more miserable.

I mean, why the hell else would they put up with someone so unhappy? Miserable people like to make sure you know they're miserable. We all have those days we don't want to get out of bed.

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I have debated for a while about writing a post on sex.