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FYI began in 2008 with a group of high school students dedicated to providing their peers with accurate sexual health information.The purpose of the program is to train Knoxville-area teens to become peer educators who will in turn help other teens make healthy decisions about their sexual health and sexuality.Peter Strange is a male sexual health nurse practitioner at BCHS who has been working with VACountry over the last year.Peter will tell you all about the free BCHS community sexual health clinics so you can continue to look after your sexual healthand wellbeing.

Turn Around Provides support, counseling, and information to victims of sexual assault, incest, child sexual assault, and domestic violence, regardless of sex or age. Hope Works of Howard County (formerly known as the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County) Hope Works is a non-profit agency providing services to women, men, and children impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence in Howard County.

Every spring, students sell their photographs at Framing Choice to raise money to support the FYI Program.

Research indicates that teens receive most of their information from other teens, but unfortunately much of this information is inaccurate and can contribute to inadequate health care and risky behaviors.

You can also have a chat to the peers about gay community stuff, sex, pleasure and intimacy or any questions about sex, Pr EP and or HIV!

Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS) will offer full sexual health testing which will involve peeing in a jar, self collecting some swabs in the toilet and taking some blood.

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Kim Milan advocates for queer, trans, and feminist issues through her art and writing, and Tiq Milan has been an LGBTQ activist for over a decade, fighting for positive and honest portrayals of LGBTQ people in media.

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