Teen dating vioence

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Teen dating vioence

Healthy parent-child relationships also lead to more satisfaction in romantic relationships.Kay Ireland specializes in health, fitness and lifestyle topics.Parents can play a key role in prevention by being a positive role model.When children understand what a healthy relationship is, they are less likely to accept dating violence and are more likely to have positive attitudes toward gender equality, according to a recent study.Emotional abuse consists of broken promises, extreme jealousy, constant insults and name-calling, and threats to a partner’s safety.Does your boyfriend or girlfriend guilt you for having your own interests?Do they try to control what you wear, what you like, and who you hang out with?Breakup violence among teens is a crime that has no zip code. A relationship ends and what happens is an emotional surge of uncontrollable anger.

The Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund was created by her parents.

Speak honestly with a school counselor and with your partner.

New Hope for Women's hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-522-3304.

A survey found that more than one of every three middle-school students has been a victim of this type of psychological dating violence.

Teens who are victims of dating violence are more likely to have problems with school, substance abuse, depression and social experiences, according to a recent study. The AAP urges parents to talk to their children about healthy relationships in middle school, before dating starts.

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